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The ABERTAX ® CLS – is the entry level product for monitoring the electrolyte level in a battery. The level probe is integrated in the LED housing, giving a steady GREEN signal, when electrolyte level is above the cell plates. When the electrolyte level drops below the cell plates, the sensor switches to flashing RED. Bright LEDs ensure the sensor status is always visible. Installation is simple via the air agitation hole or by simply drilling a hole in the cell lid, using the Gauge Guard to seal and measure the probe length.


CLS lite

The ABERTAX ® CLS lite was developed to provide electrolyte level sensing in a trouble- free, effective and energy-efficient manner using patented technology. Despite the product’s simplicity, its design robustness makes it ideal for the harsh electrical, mechanical and chemical environments that flooded batteries are subjected to. The sensor flashes green to indicate that the battery electrolyte is at a suitable level.


The ABERTAX ® BVS is a simple device that attaches to the battery and provides an indication of the battery health by measuring the terminal voltage when the battery is in storage. A periodic slow green flash indicates the voltage is above the pre-set threshold. When the sensor flashes RED, stores personnel will immediately realize it is time to charge the battery, avoiding costly over-discharge damage to the battery.